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They both seem to have partners, but walton is also focused on other tech and has child chain design which I dont understand as of now. I think what it means that other developers can build smaller blockchains below walton like a pyramid or something where each child chain is communicating with parent chain exchanging data and info. This essentially allows walton to target a wider market.
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FanDuel picked up the NBA and a handful of NFL teams, but DraftKings got the NHL and NFL (and the NFLPA) so DraftKings was still pulling ahead. Then in late 2015 New York and other states put the brakes on the entire industry by declaring it illegal sports betting. FanDuel has just accepted a big chunk of money and now their ability to continue operating was suddenly called into question.
Ha!! Well, not really. Been keeping my body strong and motivating myself everyday!! There's nothing like mommy and workout time, the beautiful outdoors, and flipping into gear," she captioned the video. During those "weeks off," she did a combo of yoga, weight training, and gymnastics.

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